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This egg is divided into sections with polka dot bands.  I made this up in 2016 and still love its youthful feel.  The triangle band will either have tulips or star bursts in them.  If you have a preference, please let me know at check out. 


As always, the egg is available in many colors. 


Each items is the result of etching a design with an assortment of blades and etching tools.  I hand craft each egg.  The eggs are hollowed, washed and dyed.  After the egg is fully dry I draw a design on the egg and etch an image, revealing the original egg color.  This design will be completed on either a white or blue/green chicken egg. 

Divided Polka Dot Egg

  • The size of this item varies depending on the size of the chicken egg.  I use large, extra large, and jumbo eggs.  I rarely purchase eggs from the grocery store.  The majority of my egg shells come from local farmers. 

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