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Elaine Luschas

Our mother, Elaine Luschas, is the main reason we do so many amazing crafts and events.  She has been interested in crafts, art, baking, history, and our ethnic background since before we were born.  

Elaine is a retired teacher.  She now spends her time volunteering for our local church and making the most amazing displays for Lithuanian events.  She is also the one who makes sure our table displays for craft shows are as beautiful as possible.  

My mom is a huge fan of Mather Stewart, and it was a special treat to be able to bring her with me to meet Martha in 2012.  We never thought we would have a chance to watch the show as audience members let alone be a guest for her Easter Egg Show!  I remember calling her to tell her the unbelievable news.  She was not only floored, but I swear she was speechless.  If you know my mom, this is a feat to accomplish. 

Now, she and I are still partners in crime.  We plan numerous craft shows each year, and spend time trying to think of new things to add to our products and displays.  She is the drop and pull artist and the nut roll baker.  She also is the wreath maker and the peanut butter egg artist.  I am extremely blessed to have her in my life and as a business role model and partner. 

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